What is Kosha?

Located in southeastern Sioux Falls, Kosha Yoga School is more than a studio.  Our vision is to educate ourselves and our students to embrace a lifelong passion for the yoga journey.  Our mission is to offer the yoga community, from beginners to veterans, the most inviting space to learn and grow in their practice. The teachers all share a passion for education and exploration of the sheaths or layers of being. From the physical layer, we practice asana (postures) and use pranayam (breath) to unlock awareness of our Atman or Self.
You have a place here!
“Always a student”

Kosha Pricing
  • Auto pay on the 1st of each month.

    Requires a credit card on file and 6 month minimum commitment.

    Get $5 off most workshops and specialty classes.

  • Unlimited Deluxe

    Includes unlimited classes on the regular schedule and credit for (1) 60 minute massage per month.

    $110 ($15 savings)

  • Unlimited

    Includes access to all regular schedule classes.


  • Limited

    Includes 2 classes per week (8 per month). Classes do not roll over.


Drop in


5 classes


10 classes