Kosha's classes are inspired by the rich history of the Hatha yoga tradition and infused with a variety of our individual education. We encourage you to check out individual teacher bios to get a better sense of what to expect from class with a particular teacher.

Hatha is the basis of vinyasa and a great place to begin and grow your practice. This class will be a mix of flow and held postures with special focus on alignment and the use of effective assists to enhance your experience.  All levels encouraged, beginner friendly.

A traditional Hatha practice of postures and mindful movements to incorporate breath, body and cultivate an experience of awareness and connection with self.  This is a wonderful place to begin your practice or continue your journey to self-discovery. All levels encouraged, beginner friendly.

A revolutionary style of yoga that fuses the powerful practice of Kundalini Kriya Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. The Vinyasa element focuses on body alignment and sequencing in addition to stretching and strengthening the body preparing it to handle the higher frequencies of energy cultivated through the Kundalini Yoga Kriyas. The Kundalini Kriya focuses on moving energy through the physical and subtle bodies through repetitive movements with pranayama (breathwork,) mantra (sound frequency,) drishti (focus) and meditation.

Each class is focused around a specific intention, such as opening the chakras, strengthening the magnetic field (aura,) activating the law of attraction, connecting with your soul, etc. The end result is a perfect balance of physical effort and deep spiritual experience facilitated by breathwork, mantra, meditation and sound healing.

This will be a class in the vinyasa style with added flare based on who teaches it!! Expect fun sequencing, challenge poses (to try or to watch), you might even get a little more history and philosophy woven in.  The instructor will rotate so come and allow yourself to experience any one of our amazing teachers. All levels, beginner friendly

This flow yoga class uses breath focused movements to link poses together.  Each teacher has their own style and every class will be just a little different. Open your mind and your body with this traditional offering.  All levels welcomed. Beginner friendly.

Bring yourself down for some stillness, mindfulness, and pure relaxation.  While using a variety of props and postures to fully support the body, the mind is able to find a place to rest among the fluctuations.  All levels welcome.

This class is designed specifically for your journey through pregnancy.  You will build strength, stretch, breath, and build your belief in yourself. All stages and experiences welcome.

Prenatal is taught by instructors who have completed, or are in the process of receiving their special designation of Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

This complementary practice to your flow, yin puts emphasis on stillness and extended holding of postures. The focus becomes more specific to connective tissue, healing and strengthening joints and learning through mindful stillness.

Bring the little one along for this class designed just for moms, dads, caregivers, nannies…and you don’t even need a babysitter!!

Gentle enough for the post-natal mamas and fun enough for the almost mobile baby!! No experience needed with yoga, maybe a little experience with babies would be helpful 😉

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